We have a full set of trophies from World Championship Punkin Chunkin.  In fact, we have won the Torsion Division 3 times!

Our carbon fiber arms were the first fully composite arms in punkin chunkin!

Fully loaded for travel, The Phoenix weighs a little less than 4780 pounds. In shooting configuration, it weighs about 4000 pounds

A torsion catapult is NOT a trebuchet!

The carbon decking on our machine is deployable military aircraft landing strip material and can withstand thousands of passes from a fighter jet wheel (or my Volkswagen)!

The Phoenix accelerates her pumpkins to greater than 380 miles per hour in less than 0.2 seconds!

We have sensors all thoughout the machine to gather data on each throw (strain, load, arm angle, accelerations).

It takes 50  gallons of fuel to tow our catapult to Delaware from Dayton, Ohio for the World Championships.

The Phoenix is made from carbon-fiber composites, steel, aluminum, titanium, nylon, spectra, and a little bit of wood.


Each year since 2011, David has drawn a face on one of our spare pumpkins.  Here is the gallery!

2011 - Juan

2012 - Seamus

2013 - Babette

2014 - Franz

2015 - Master Liu

2016 - Ingrid

Built by Catapult Cowboy